About Long Island Pony Parties & Petting Zoo
Our Facility
Long Island Pony Parties & Petting Zoo ImagesLong Island Pony Parties & Petting Zoo, is a family owned and operated farm servicing the entire Long Island Community for over ten years. We offer a wide variety of options for your special event, party, fair, festival, facility, and any other festivity you may have. We offer high-quality service with the most competitive pricing on Long Island and can work with ANY budget, special needs or circumstances.?

Our Mission
LI PONY PARTIES' mission is to provide exceptional service, unequivocal cleanliness, and safety. We strive to make lifelong memories by providing a stimulating and educating experience which promotes knowledge, understanding, and the joy of animals.

Our Helpers & Volunteers
Long Island Pony Parties & Petting Zoo's helpers consists of highly knowledgeable individuals all trained specifically in the handling and safety of their large array of animals while interacting with children, adults, special needs individuals, large groups, and facilities. Their dedication to their animal family is unsurpassed and will surely enhance your event with their professionalism.

Long Island Pony Parties & Petting Zoo guarantees the health and cleanliness of their animals. We are regularly vaccinated and receive the best veterinary care possible.

We are licensed, insured and Board of Health Certified.
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