About The Owner

I have always had a passion for animals, especially farm animals. Having been born on a farm in Germany, I was around animals since before I could walk. My parents moved to New York when I was 2. Yet, I was lucky enough to spend all of my summers with my grandparents on their farm in Germany. Being at my grandfather's side, watching and learning from him, fueled my love of animals and farming. For many of us, growing up on Long Island does not offer a lot of interactions with farm animals, especially if you weren't raised on the east end of the island. I wanted animals to be a part of my everyday life. However, my parents wouldn't allow me to have any large farm animals. So, I started with chickens. At first, they were only pets and then eventually our own source for fresh eggs. It wasn't long after I realized there was a local demand for fresh free ranged eggs. I began selling them to friends and neighbors and word spread, QUICKLY.

As my egg business began to grow, I was contacted by someone looking to expand their mobile pony ride business with the addition of a petting zoo. This was the opportunity I was looking for. Being able to share my love and knowledge of farm animals with children and adults alike. After 10 years of working together, this person became not only a partner in business, but also a dear friend of mind. In 2018, as the season began to come to an end, it was decided that the petting zoo company would also come to an end, as the owner of the business was moving on to the next phase in life. She decided that it was time to sell the business. I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to do what I love, and I decided to step in and take over the business. The last fifteen years of business were full of Joy. With smiling faces, adorable animals and close interactions, my staff and I hope to share that joy with everyone.

About Long Island Pony Parties & Petting Zoo

Our Mission
LI PONY PARTIES' mission is to provide exceptional service, unequivocal cleanliness, and safety. We strive to make lifelong memories by providing a stimulating and educating experience which promotes knowledge, understanding, and the joy of animals.

Our Helpers & Volunteers
Long Island Pony Parties & Petting Zoo's helpers consists of highly knowledgeable individuals all trained specifically in the handling and safety of their large array of animals while interacting with children, adults, special needs individuals, large groups, and facilities. Their dedication to their animal family is unsurpassed and will surely enhance your event with their professionalism.

Long Island Pony Parties & Petting Zoo guarantees the health and cleanliness of their animals. We are regularly vaccinated and receive the best veterinary care possible.

We are licensed, insured and Board of Health Certified.
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